Bylaw items up for vote.

WBCC  Members


Below are the bylaw items that we will require a vote on.   Please take the time to read them over.



Duties of Officers

Section 5: The Members at Large shall serve on the Executive Committee for a term of three years.   One Member at Large shall be elected each year providing an overlap and continuity to the Executive Committee.


Item #2


Section 7: In the event an officer or Member at Large resigns; the President shall select a replacement to finish the term of the resigned individual with the approval of the Executive Committee.    



Article IX Rules of Competition

Section 1 Regular Competitions


Item #3


b)Prints may be any photographic medium. Prints  (image area)  may not be smaller than eight (8) x eight (8) inches and the final mounted entry  (image area)  must not exceed thirty (30) inches in either height or width. Prints must be mounted  on appropriate backing material. Prints may be matted, but not framed. Photographer’s name and image title must not be on the front.  

Item #4

d) Digital image size and deadline for submission will be determined in advance by the Competition Committee. Failure to submit digital files in the appropriate format will require re-submission before the deadline.  Digital image files must be named: image title - member name




We still are very much in need of someone to chair the competition committee.   If you compete regularly you should consider this position.   There will be lots of help with Mark, Roberta and myself assisting.


Help with the coffee and cookies is also needed.   This would be very easy with two people.



The end of our 2016/2017 season is fast approaching.   As announced we will be having the year end banquet on May 31 at the Griswold Center.   Tickets this year will be $22 per person.   The speaker is Randy Vermillion.   I am hoping to see a real good turn out.    


Also as previously announced the 2017/2018 executive nominations are as follows:

President- Kent Larsson

Vice President- Larry Kennedy

Treasurer-Charles  Bowdle

Secretary-Darla  Coulter

  Member at Large-Al Seigel

  Member at Large-Carol Shurlow

  Member at Large-Dick Wood


Appointed Positions

Web Master-Dale Berlin, Tom Snide

Education and Speakers - Cheri Brent

Competition Assisstants-Mark Fohl, Roberta Kayne





  September 2017 Open

  October 2017 Interaction: People interacting with each
  other. No portraits.

  November 2017 Open

  December 2017 Taken in Ohio

  January 2018 Taken in 2017

  February 2018 Open

  March 2018 Motion: Anything moving

  April 2018 Open

  May 2018 Salon